"A couple of years ago my brother was charged with a violent felony offense of Rape 1st Degree as well as Kidnapping and Unlawful Imprisonment. My brother was appointed an attorney through the court system who just wasn´t doing his job. I was referred to Sal Piemonte by a friend of mine in the hopes I would be able to get through to him so he could handle this most difficult case.

I was surprised when I called him and he actually answered the phone himself and met with me immediately. Sal conducted a thorough investigation of the case and found very strong evidence of my brother´s innocence as a consequence of which my brother, who sat in jail for several months without being attended to, was exonerated. Sal went above and beyond the call of duty by personally interviewing several witnesses in the case and found the evidence necessary to show my brother was innocent of these charges. I do have to say however that what I enjoyed the most was that I was able to reach him at any time, day or night to discuss my brother´s case. He did a phenomenal job in and out of the courtroom and I am truly grateful that he represented my brother. It was worth every penny."

- Debbie W.

"I was accused of several serious felony offenses and unfortunately had a prior extensive criminal record. I was facing life imprisonment looking at a charge of Burglary 1st Degree as well as Kidnapping. I hired Sal Piemonte to represent me and must say that was the best decision I ever made. Sal fought hard not only to get me bail and out of jail and back to work but also to ultimately have all of the criminal charges brought against me dismissed. I was easily able to reach him by telephone and email whenever I needed to and he kept me apprised of all that was happening with my case on a daily basis. I have the utmost confidence in him and would hire him if ever I needed another lawyer again."

-Gabe S.

"Sal Piemonte assisted our son in one of the most highly publicized criminal cases in Onondaga County. Not only did he work hard to represent our son to the best of his ability but also we found him easy to reach whenever we needed to. He handled this high profile criminal case as best as anyone could and I would strongly urge anyone involved in any criminal difficulty to consult and hire him if the need arises. He is the best!"

- Terry & Jamie C.


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Sal Piemonte assisted our son in one of the most highly publicized criminal cases in Onondaga County.

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